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[HolidayOnly][Upside] Coll. of Management to Luce Chapel
  1. 管院學院College of Management
  2. 第二教學區學生宿舍Dorm.of 2nd Teaching Area
  3. 農牧場東海湖Tunghai Farm,Lake
  4. 綠之心(乳品小棧)Green Heart Hall
  5. 男舍15棟(No.15 Building)
  6. 教堂,Luce Chapel
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[HolidayOnly][Downside] Luce Chapel to Coll. of Management
  1. 教堂,Luce Chapel
  2. 女舍陽光草坪(Girls Dorm., Sunny Meadow)
  3. 綠之心(乳品小棧)Green Heart Hall
  4. 農牧場東海湖Tunghai Farm,Lake
  5. 管院學院College of Management
本路線時刻表 Time Table